A Frenchton is a designer dog breed where a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog are bred together.  The result is what people refer to as Frenchtons, Frenchbos or Faux Frenchies.  Regardless of what you call them they are adorable.  The size of the puppies will depend on the size of the parents but most Frenchton pups will grow to be anywhere from 15-30 pounds.  The coat of the pups might be Fawn, Black or Brindle.

The French Bulldog is a recognizable breed known for its tall bat like ears and its unique looking wrinkled face.  The breed is an intelligent, playful and loyal companion great for people in homes or apartments alike.  The breed is sensitive to extreme cold and extreme heat.

The Boston Terrier shares many of the same qualities of the Frenchie but is usually a smaller, but taller dog.  Bostons are a highly intelligent breed that are known for their “Tuxedo” like coat.  The breed can be high energy, but is still suitable for home or apartment owners.

Frenchie Puppies are tiny little things.  Some might only weigh 3 pounds and 6 weeks old and other bigger Frenchton puppies won’t be much bigger.  The puppies will be alert, curious, cuddly and will love to play with you or the toys.  Since Frenchbo Puppies are bred from two breeds of intelligent dogs the puppies usually share the quality.  The puppies can sometimes be difficult to housebreak, but they usually wise up quickly and can often times even been taught to ring a bell hung from your back door when they want to go out.  The puppies don’t eat a lot usually around 1/2 a cup of food once a day from 6-8 weeks, and up to 12 weeks they still may only eat as little as one cup of food per day.

Become An Official Frenchton Lover

Frenchton Puppies love to play and when they run around their short legs make everyone watching laugh.  When the pups are small its not uncommon to see them tumble, fall and roll while their short legs  make it hard to clear most objects.  The babies will usually run around like they are possessed for about 10 minutes then head in for a nap.  Your puppy won’t require a lot of exercise and 2-3 play sessions a day will get the job done.

 Both French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers can be expensive puppies.  French Bulldogs have small litters and due to the large size of the pups heads they often times need a c-section delivery increasing the cost.  French Bulldog puppies typically sell for $1000-$1500.  Boston Terrier pups are less expensive than than Frenchies and usually cost in the range of $300-1000.  Frenchton pups are a lot harder to find than Bostons or Frenchies, a Frenchton Pup could cost anywhere between $350-1000 depending on the breeder.

Hopefully you found this website interesting and it helped your decision in whether or not to get a Frenchton.  If you are looking for nice, intelligent and loving dog then a Frenchton might be for you.